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Welcome Tiffany & Kathleen!

9 months ago

We put out a call this summer for Appalshop's new development director and Performing Our Future organizer. This fall, we are thrilled to say — they're finally here.

Tiffany Turner comes to us from Mississippi, where she's been working as a nurse and community organizer with the Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health and Justice.

That's just one of the delegations that make up the Performing Our Future (POF) coalition, which was initiated by Appalshop's Roadside Theater. As the lead organizer of POF, Tiffany will work alongside all the coalition delegations to organize people, money, and ideas in order to create a future where together, we own what we make.

To lead POF requires the ability to hold many things in productive tension. We needed someone who could agitate perspectives while also listening empathetically, who could advocate for movement but not leave anyone behind, and who could assert bold and creative ideas while also representing the will of the coalition. Tiffany has already exceeded those needs, and we are so thrilled to have her at Appalshop.

We are also excited to welcome Kathleen Byrne to Appalshop as our new Institutional Development Director. Kathleen comes to us from North Carolina, where she worked in economic development at the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance.

But Kathleen is also a filmmaker with a BFA in Film Producing and an MA in Arts Administration. We couldn't imagine a better background for managing the major donor and funder relationships that keep Appalshop's art and media work sustainable and impactful, and we are excited to have Kathleen at the helm with our Program Directors setting strategy.

Working at Appalshop means being part of a storied organization that tells stories commercial industries don't tell. We challenge stereotypes with Appalachian voices, and we do it all with artists who are from and committed to this region.

We still have several open positions — so if you know someone who would be a good fit, or if you're interested yourself, take a look at these listings and join us in the work!

Appalshop is an equal opportunity employer, and its employment policies and practices are applicable to all employees without regard to race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, creed, disability or national origin. More information about the job postings is available at @appalshop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and

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