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We're hiring an Operations Director

4 months ago

Operations Director

Appalshop, Inc.

The Operations Director is a key organizational manager and part of Appalshop’s CORE team. This position will work closely with Appalshop’s Executive Director, Financial Director, and multiple Program Directors consisting of Appalshop’s Archive, WMMT-FM, Roadside Theater, Appalachian Media Institute, and the Community Media Initiative.

Job Duties:

The Operations Director will focus on shaping the best work environment for Appalshop’s employees. They will serve as lead on all of Appalshop’s benefits and personnel management needs. The Operations Director will create and manage organizational policies, promote organizational culture, and identify and build new internal structural needs. 

Personnel Management

  • Lead all organizational hiring and onboarding processes
  • Identify and manage benefit packages for Appalshop’s employees
  • Manage Appalshop’s Personnel Handbook and adherence to it
  • Manage personnel issues or disputes in coordination with Appalshop Executive Director and/or Appalshop’s Board 
  • Lead annual staff evaluation process
  • Work across the organization to develop and help maintain a positive, collaborative work culture 

Organizational Development

  • Hold regular staff wide meetings
  • Identify and propose needed policy changes
  • Ensure organizational structure and decision-making chart are used and updated
  • Lead program evaluation and process for evaluating organizational impact
  • Serve as point of contact for larger strategic planning 
  • Ensure there are robust and consistent organizational policies including:
    • Digital and physical document retention, storage and use that are adhered to by all employees
    • Leadership transition procedures
    • Collaborative fundraising policies and procedures


The candidate should have at least two years of non-profit management or human resources experience,  be a fast-learner with great organizational, interpersonal, writing, and prioritization skills. Appalshop seeks an applicant who understands the role of community-based arts institutions, can work independently and in teams, and is ready to bring creativity to the position.

The Operations Director is a year-round, full time salaried position in Whitesburg, Kentucky in a salary range of $42-45,000 with full paid benefits.

Appalshop is an equal opportunity employer, and its employment policies and practices are applicable to all employees without regard to race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, creed, gender, disability or national origin.

To apply for this position: Please submit a resume, cover letter, and three references to [email protected] by December 31st.

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