Wild World of Hasil Adkins (Film)

Wild World of Hasil Adkins

  •  Julien Nitzburg
  •  1993
  • Color IconColor
  •  29:00
  •  3/4" U-matic video
Film Description
Imagine Elvis in Sid Vicious’ body with a little Frank Sinatra thrown in, and you have Hasil Adkins, the originator of psychobilly and star of this deranged, shot-on-video documentary. Chronicling 56-year-old Hasil’s boozing, womanizing and law-breaking, audiences are treated to some surreal jaw-dropping antics and raucous, homegrown rock‘n’roll. Viewers will delight in the various ancedotes of paranoia as related by cronies, acquaintances and authorities. Many local personalities have been captured in Appalshop films, but Hasil Adkins may take the cake as the absolute wildest, biggest, impossible-to-tame personality of them all.

Screenings & Festivals
  • West Virginia International Film Festival

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“A demented documentary about the ‘Father of Psychobilly.’ In 1956 when America was giving birth to rock‘n’roll, one man was already trying to kill it … The breakdown: hillbilly hollerin’, barroom brawlin’, car-stompin’, organ smashin’, wig wearin’, shakin’ it, commodity hot dogs, one-man band.” — Popcorn
“The granddaddy of all crazed rockers … The Wild World of Hasil Adkins fits in perfectly with the downwardly mobile slant most of us white-trash seekers are looking for these days.” —Tinsel Toons, Newsreels