Ramsey Trade Fair (Film)

Ramsey Trade Fair

  •  Scott Faulkner
  •  1973
  • Color IconColor
  •  18:00
  •  16 mm film
Film Description
Wednesday is trade fair day in the small coalfield community of Ramsey, Virginia, where residents and local merchants gather to sell, swap, and pass the time. The Ramsey Trade Fair uses the flea market as a point of departure for a lyrical consideration of rural living and the lost art of barter. This short film captures a sense of Appalachian community and practices still in use today.

Screenings & Festivals
  • American Film Institute
  • Conference on Visual Anthropology, Temple University
  • Kentucky Educational Television
  • Pacific Film Archive

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“Upholds the Appalachian values of fair play and driving a hard bargain, of independence and thrift, and of yarning, gossip, and good old country singing and religion.” — Booklist
“This charming film presents a vignette of American folklore in a way that makes the viewer feel being right there.” — American River College
“Rich in humor and color.” — The San Francisco Examiner