Quilting Women (Film)

Quilting Women

  •  Elizabeth Barret
  •  1976
  • Color IconColor
  •  27:25
  •  16 mm film
Film Description
Quilting Women traces the process of traditional Appalachian quilting, from cutting out and piecing together the patterns to the quilting bee. Quilters comment on the origins of the generations-old patterns, the time and patience required, the satisfaction of accomplishment, the quilts as art, and the companionship offered by women working together over a quilting frame.

Screenings & Festivals
  • American Studies Association
  • Smithsonian Institution, Festival of American Folklife
  • International Festival of Documentary

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“Superb … a warm and joyful celebration of women artists, who with gentle modesty create works of art in textiles.” — Journal of American Folklore
“Enthusiastically recommended.” — University of California at Berkeley
“It is colorful, informative, interesting, and gives a delightfully human interpretation of this traditional craft.” — Atlanta Historical Society