One-Ring Circus (Film)

One-Ring Circus

  •  Andrew Garrison
  •  1987
  • Color IconColor
  •  27:58
  •  3/4" U-matic video
Film Description
One-Ring Circus is a behind-the-tents look at the life of the men and women who operate and perform in the Jules and Beck Circus. Interviews with the circus owner, concessioners, and performers are intercut with scenes of the big top going up and the show under way. Hard times for the circus in the age of television are in evidence everywhere, but the members of the troupe speak with humor, frankness, and occasional reverence about their work, each other, and life in a one-ring circus.

Screenings & Festivals
  • The Watertower, Louisville Visual Art Association
  • Kentucky Educational Television
  • Blue Ridge Public Television
  • WSJK/Knoxville

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“A fascinating study in personalities and characters that continue small circus traditions. The love and loyalty of these circus folk is poignant, and a powerful argument for love of life and talent … Nothing is romanticized in this documentary, but the romance of the circus and its people is compassionately revealed … highly recommended.” — Choice