Last Possum Up the Tree

George Gibson

Last Possum Up the Tree

Release date: January 1, 2000


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George Gibson is a banjo player from Knott County, Kentucky. He learned to play and sing the old songs from his family and neighbors, leaving home in the 1960s with a Kay banjo and a Vega Whyute Laydie guitar banjo in hand. About his album “Last Possum Up the Tree,” Gibson said: “I believe that continuing to play banjo was my way of holding on to a past that I glimpsed only briefly. That past is part of a world and time in Knott County that has vanished forever. As far as I know, I am the last person left playing the old Burgeys Creek banjo music. I am the last possum up the tree.” The album features two dozen classic tunes.


“George Gibson is a wonderful banjo player and singer.” - Down Home Radio Show