Belinda (Film)


  •  Anne Lewis
  •  1992
  • Color IconColor
  •  29:28
  •  3/4" U-matic
Film Description
“To the extent that I’ve made a contribution, it’s been to have people realize that AIDS is about all of us. It’s not really about gay white men or IV drug users or babies. It’s not about certain groups. It’s about all of us, really, and it always was.” — Belinda Mason A native of Eastern Kentucky, Belinda Mason was, as she says,“a small town journalist, a young mother, a reliable Tupperware party guest” until she became infected with the HIV virus in 1987. She decided to go public with her condition and spent the rest of her life as a powerful advocate for AIDS prevention, education, treatment, and human rights. The film features Belinda talking about her own experiences dealing with AIDS and the support she found within her rural community, and includes a presentation she made with her pastor to members of the Southern Baptist Convention: “People ask me if I think AIDS is a punishment from God. I can’t pretend to fathom what God is thinking, but maybe we should look at AIDS as a test, not for the people who are infected, but for the rest of us.” Funny, down to earth, and never self-pitying, Belinda speaks with a moving eloquence of our need for a collective response to AIDS that is not crippled by racism, homophobia, fear or ignorance.

Screenings & Festivals
  • CINE Golden Eagle Award
  • New York Film Festival
  • Big Muddy Film Festival
  • Women in the Director's Chair

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“Belinda Mason’s warmth, wisdom, and determination has provided us with a legacy that should inspire us for decades to come. … In contrast to excessive and unreasonable fear of HIV, we should all be worried about losing our humanity by failing to respond, for, as Belinda said, ‘In all of human history, there has never been a cure for that.’” — National Commission on AIDS
“…indelibly portrays an inspiring role model whose priorities influenced how she lived and helped others…” — Booklist
“Belinda” is a film of extraordinary grace … fundamentally about what it means to be human and what it takes for a society and a church to remain human.” — Bangor Theological Seminary
“This remarkable woman’s witness … challenges all of us who would live a faith that counts for something.” — The Religious Public Relations Council/Wilbur Awards