Apex Pollinator

Everyone Lives Everyone Wins

Apex Pollinator

Release date: January 2, 2022


Everyone Lives Everyone Wins seek to expand human consciousness using music and art. Since 2007, this Lexington, KY trio has specialized in site-specific sonic rituals and immersive one-time-only experiences designed to remove the listener from everyday reality and to offer a glimpse of the extra-ordinary.

Celebrating a sonic bond of 15 years in 2022, the core trio of JTH, MHG, and MRSF have lugged speaker cabinets into every basement, bar, gallery, or mountaintop they could find, blending simplicity and sensory overload to conjure the Drone, a sonic representation of the element of Being within all things. Live performances range from hushed meditations to crushing walls of sound, a body of largely undocumented work known only to those who witnessed it live. ELEW thrive on collaboration and have worked with an ever-changing lineup of artists from the fields of filmmaking, painting, massage therapy, martial arts, and performance art. ELEW have toured through the southeast but choose to play mostly in Kentucky, allowing them to spend extended time preparing experiences that go deeper into the Drone and further into surreality.

On their newest release, Apex Pollinator, the group expanded its instrumental palate to include drum machines and banjos, disparate testaments to the breadth of their sonic journey. Everyone Lives Everyone Wins invite you to take a chill trip through psychedelic Appalachia on "Apex Pollinator."