Ancient Creek

Gurney Norman

Ancient Creek

Release date: January 1, 1976


Gurney Norman’s book “Ancient Creek: A Folktale” didn’t come out until 2012, but Appalshop first recorded Gurney’s version of this folktale in 1975 as spoken-word from Gurney himself. Now the author of a novel, a collection of short stories, two essay collections, and three documentary programs, Gurney Norman is best known as Kentucky’s 2009-2010 Poet Laureate.


In satire that drips as heavily as torrents from the leaves of a richly wooded area in a rainstorm, Norman serves Appalachia again with his telling of ‘Ancient Creek’ … and sheds a spotlight on the exploitation that has plagued the Appalachian region for decades, and continues to this day. Linda Hinchcliffe