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WMMT’s 2024 Spring Fund Drive

3 weeks ago

On March 18, our 2024 WMMT Spring Fund Drive began! From now through April 2, join WMMT’s staff and volunteers and celebrate Possum Community Radio. Tune in for plenty of special programming and antics from all our DJs down at The Possum Den, with live performances and more. Also watch out for special content on social media from our staff and volunteers. 

Your donation not only helps create quality programming, such as our 24/7 blend of mountain music, culture, public affairs, and tastefully curated syndicated programming. It also helps us in our longer-term goal of moving into a brick-and-mortar location, allowing us to use the Possum Den—our RV studio—for its intended purpose: traveling to events and providing emergency weather alerts. We are currently in the process of retrofitting a Main Street studio spot in Whitesburg!

Think of WMMT like an Appalachian garden—what you put into it, you get back tenfold. The time for seeding and growing is just as important as the harvest. And when you really love your garden, the loamy smell of freshly tilled dirt is just as rewarding an experience as the sight of climbing vines, ripe tomatoes, and bright blossoms. As the station emerges from a long winter, we see the many seeds our radio family has planted on our path to stability. We’re so glad you’re along for this journey!

Summer Documentary Institute Application Open

Appalachian Media Institute’s Summer Documentary Institute (SDI) application is now available

SDI is our annual summer programming for Appalachian youth ages 14 to 22. The program is an eight-week paid internship that utilizes documentary storytelling as a means to explore, produce, and share youth-led visions for Central Appalachia’s future. Not only are interns trained in media production skills, but they also engage in in-depth discussions of challenging topics, such as environmental issues of the region and Appalachian stereotypes and representation. Reach out to Hannah Asbury, [email protected], with questions!

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