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We're partnering with IFC & Level Forward on a new film "Holler"

1 year ago

We're very excited to announce an Appalshop partnership with an IFC & Level Forward film you may have heard about — "Holler."

Holler follows Ruth as she struggles with her acceptance to a prestigious college she can't afford. Ruth takes on a job at a local scrap metal crew with her brother, who believes education will be Ruth's ticket out of southeastern Ohio. How can she leave? But equally — how can she stay?

Holler speaks to the questions that young people ask at Appalshop, questions much of our work has asked over our 50 years in the region. The film will debut on June 11th, but we are delighted to announce a special virtual panel with the film's director Nicole Riegel in partnership with Appalshop a few days early. 

Join us at Monday June 7th at 7 pm for a live panel discussion with Nicole Riegel and alumni of our Appalachian Media Institute Hannah Adams, Shaylan Clark and Natasha Watts.

Get a special link to view the film during Seedtime weekend by registering here. And while you're at it, get yourself some merch (pictured above) — 10% of the proceeds benefit Appalshop!

More details about how to preview the film and tune in for the panel at @appalshop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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