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We're hiring a Performance Coordinator

1 year ago

Public Performance & Programming Coordinator

Appalshop, Inc.

The Public Performance and Programming Coordinator will work with the Appalshop Presents Project Director, Appalshop Presents planning team and the Operations Director in order to ensure the successful completion of Appalshop Presents, a four-month series of local and regional events that will honor Appalachian creativity while also highlighting cultures of other places and people. After completion of the first Appalshop presents series, the coordinator will support future public performance at Appalshop, coordinate the public art gallery in the Appalshop lobby, and coordinate public requests for use of Appalshop facilities for performances.

At this time this is a one-year, part-time position, but we hope to grow it into a longer-term, full-time position coordinating public performances at Appalshop.

Job Duties
  • Assists in ensuring achievement of project scope and goals.
  • Plan and organize events in accordance with financial and time constraints.
  • Schedule and organize events and performances.
  • Serves as point of contact for presenting artists and regional partners.
  • Manages artist payment, contracts, and other administrative tasks.
  • Organize regular check-in meetings with project staff.
  • Adjusts schedules and targets for project as needed.
  • Ensures technical needs of project are met.
  • Experience in booking, organizing and managing public performances, whether music, theater or similar.
  • A passion for public performance, live music, and visual arts.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with vendors, artists, and community partners. 
  • Knowledge running sound, lighting, multimedia for small to medium sized performances.
  • A background in technical theater production.
  • Experience working in a non-profit organization environment.
  • Knowledge of Appalachian regional music scene and genres.
  • Experience or knowledge of local (to Whitesburg, KY) vendors.
  • Ability to write applications for and manage grant awards and other fundraising methods.
  • Experience with recording and/or filming live performances.

The Public Performance & Programming Coordinator is a one-year, part-time position.

Appalshop is an equal opportunity employer, and its employment policies and practices are applicable to all employees without regard to race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, creed, disability or national origin.

To apply for this position: Please submit a resume, cover letter, and list three references to [email protected]

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