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We're dropping a new album on our record label

7 months ago

From our record label June Appal Recordings, we are very proud to present a new album, "Don't Get Dead" from the Cornelius Eady Trio.

The Cornelius Eady Trio — which includes musicians Lisa Liu, Charlie Rauh and playwright, poet and songwriter Cornelius Eady — recorded "Don’t Get Dead" during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together, the collection of folk songs is "a musical diary, from the early shock, fear and confusion of March, 2020, (“Misery Bed”, “Little Boat”) through the white hot center of the body count. (“Nurse Red Line” “17”). From the bravery of one black man holding off a mob on January 6th, (“One Good Man”) to the possibility of building a new normal (“Sunshine”)," as Eady writes about the collection.

The new record is a tremendous effort from artists who "sang their way through a barbwire year," and a reminder of the power of music and the arts to make sense of even the strangest of times.

Founded in 1974, June Appal Recordings has distributed mountain music over a period in which the very definition of what it means to be "mountain music" has grown and evolved.

We're very proud to still be supporting artists today — especially artists like Cornelius Eady.

Get the new album on Bandcamp, and while you're there, explore the rest of our catalogue: nearly 100 albums all together, it represents the best of tradition bearers and innovators alike.

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