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Livestream this year's Red Fox Storytelling Festival

2 years ago


Mark your calendars for the 3rd annual Red Fox Storytelling Festival to be livestreamed HERE on October 23rd and 24th!

Enjoy the festival from the safety and comfort of your own home. Livestream tales and musical entertainment all weekend from storytellers Angelyn DeBord, Pamela Gilmer, Don Baker and Royce Mullins, as well as musical entertainment from Ron Short, Strawberry Jam and Drake Brock.



Friday, October 23
6:00 PM - Introduction and story performance by Ron Short
6:30 - Story performance by local storytellers 
7:00 - Stories and performance by Ron Short
8:00 - Broadcast of Roadside Theater production "Red Fox/Second Hanging"

Saturday, October 24
10:00 AM - Red Fox Scavenger Hunt: 12335 Pottertown Rd, Pound, Va. Meet at the yellow gate to search for hidden animal figures carved by local artist Greg Hawkins. Family fun for all ages!

1:00 PM - Introduction by Lynda Hubbard of music by Drake Brock
1:15 - Story performance by Angelyn Debord of Jane Mullins' story in the Pound Gap Massacre
2:15 - Story performance by Royce Mullins of Henan Fleming's story in the Pound Gap Massacre
3:00 - Don Baker discusses the making of "Red Fox/Second Hanging"
3:45 - Strawberry Jam musical performance and story by Jane Branham
4:45 - Story performance by Pamela Gilmer of Edith Maxwell's story
5:45 - Wrap up and thank you!

The festival will feature two local stories that have always garnered interest: the Pound Gap Massacre of May 14, 1892 and the Edith Maxwell story of July 20, 1935. Both will be featured on Saturday, October 24th, when Pamela Gilmer will appear as Edith Maxwell to tell the 21-year old schoolteacher’s story of being found guilty of clubbing her father to death with a high heel.

Edith Maxwell's story received national coverage with terms such as the “Slipper Slayer," the “Curfew Girl” and “The Lonesome Pine Girl." Was she falsely accused? Or did she violate the so-called 'hill code' and deserve every minute she spend in prison? You can decide after hearing Pamela Gilmer present Edith’s story.

The horrific slaughter of the Pound Gap Massacre, meanwhile, has been told and retold with many twists. Saturday, October 24th will feature Pound resident Royce Mullins' version of Cal and Henan Fleming, who were accused — along with the "Red Fox" (Marshall Benton Taylor) — of slaughtering five members of the moonshiner Ira Mullins gang at the Pound Gap. Angelyn DeBord will appears as Jane Mullins, one of the two survivors of the massacre, to tell her side of the story. Then Roadside Theater’s performer, Don Baker, will recall the making of Roadside Theater's play, "Red Fox Second Hangin’," starring Don Baker, Gary Slemp and Frankie Taylor. Were the Fleming brothers really guilty? Did Red Fox really hang? Was Jane truthful? Maybe you can decide after you hear these three versions. 

Intertwined with storytelling on Saturday, October 24th will be musical performances by Ron Short, Drake Brock, and Strawberry Jam. Drake Brock is a young, upcoming performer from Pound. Ron Short is a world-famous multi-talented musician and folk storyteller. Strawberry Jam — Jane Branham and Buddy Delp — have a large following of their soulful tunes and ballads.

Livestreaming of the Red Fox Festival will be available on this page here:



The Historical Society of The Pound, Appalshop, Pound Tourism Committee and Pound Economic Development Authority are proud sponsors of this upcoming livestreamed event. Although we’d prefer presenting this exciting event under the tent on Main Street of Pound like we did last year, during this pandemic you can enjoy the festival from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Mark your calendars for this free, livestreamed storytelling festival on October 23rd and 24th, 2020!

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