Wild and Free

Kentucky Wild Horse

Wild and Free

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Release date: June 12, 2020


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Formed in 2001, Kentucky Wild Horse is one of the region’s most sought-after live bands. Its name comes from an old eastern Kentucky pre-Civil War fiddle tune, which — like other Kentucky fiddle & banjo traditions from the 19th century to the present — have been the band's love and inspiration.

Founded by John Harrod, Kentucky Wild Horse's original lineup included Paul David Smith, Don Rogers, Jeff Keith, Jim Webb, and Kevin Kehrberg, who recorded new compositions and riffed on traditionals to find common ground between old-time, bluegrass and hillbilly swing. Over the years musicians like Jesse Wells, Tona Barkley, Ben Griffith, Arthur Hancock IV, Roddy Puckett, Barbara Rosner, and Brett Ratliff all joined the band, now on display in 15 years' worth of beloved performances captured on “Wild and Free.”

The album includes songs salvaged from old recordings made under all kinds of conditions in all kinds of formats by Jodan Ellis, as well as original songs by John Harrod, Jim Webb, Cousin Emmy, the Amburgey Sisters, Molly O’Day, the Kentucky String Ticklers, Red Allen, and Tom T. Hall.