Red Wing

I.D. Stamper

Red Wing

Release date: January 1, 1977


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I.D. Stamper spent a lifetime building and playing the Appalachian dulcimer. His playing style shows heavy blues influence and a rhythmic power and complexity rarely heard on this instrument. He appears in Appalshop’s 1976 documentary “Sourwood Mountain Dulcimers” with a young John McCutcheon: together they together, swap tunes, discuss musical traditions and demonstrate the difference between hammered and mountain style dulcimer. Red Wing is the only album I.D. Stamper ever released.


Stamper blended white dance music and black blues offering the only blues dulcimer most people have ever heard. His rarely-heard versions of “Darlin’ Corey,” “Lost John,” and “Little Pink” act as a musical roadmap to a time and a life that most people can contact only in books.