Glory to the Meeting House

Charlie Stamper

Glory to the Meeting House

Release date: January 1, 2014


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Charlie Stamper’s “Glory to the Meeting House” consists of the first recordings ever released by this master musician, brother to Bluegrass Hall of Famer Art Stamper. Born in Knott County, Kentucky, Stamper represents the finest in the Eastern Kentucky fiddle tradition and may well be our country’s best unknown fiddler. “Glory to the Meeting House” features 29 tracks of solo fiddle, mouth bow, and string band music, as well as. Charlie’s stories of growing up and playing music in the Appalachian mountains. A true cultural treasure, the album includes classics like “Old Joe Clark” and “Tennessee Waltz” and represents an unprecented glimpse into this deep-rooted musical heritage.


“Charlie exhibit[s] the kind of effortless joy that old-time music is built around. It makes you want to jump up, refill your jar, and shout for them to ‘play another one!’” – Morgan Jahnig, Old Crow Medicine Show