Cold Icy Mountain

Brett Ratliff

Cold Icy Mountain

Release date: January 1, 2008


Brett Ratliff is a multi-instrumentalist who loves to share the stories of his Appalachian home. Born and raised in Van Lear, KY, the historic coal camp that gave birth to Loretta Lynn, Ratliff made a name for himself with groups such as Clack Mountain String Band, Dirk Powell Band, and Rich & the Po’ Folk with other artists who have also released work on Appalshop’s record label June Appal Recordings. Ratliff has taught traditional Kentucky repertoire at The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Swannanoa Gathering, Sore Fingers Week, Augusta Heritage’s Early County Music Week and Old-Time Week, and Cowan Creek Mountain Music School, himself founding the Morehead Old-Time Music Festival and the Lexington Old-Time Gathering. “Cold Icy Mountain” was Ratliff’s first solo release.


“When we hear Ratliff sing we know that Appalachia lives in his throat … Few other people are as bonafide to be one of the modern voices of his place … Brett Ratliff is the real deal.” - Silas House