James Still & Randy Wilson - Heritage

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Released: 1992

Track Listing

  1. Appalachia: A Definition
  2. River of Earth
  3. I was Born Humble
  4. from Afterward: The Run for the Elbertas
  5. Wolfpen Creek
  6. Leap Minnows, Leap
  7. Dance on Pushback
  8. from River of Earth
  9. Those I Want in Heaven with Should There Be Such a Place
  10. Heritage
  11. Interview with Judith Jennings

Traditional Music Performed by Randy Wilson

  • Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow
  • I Will Bow
  • My Shepherd Shall Supply My Need
  • Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
  • Camp a Lil' While in the Wilderness
  • Sweet Little Jesus Boy
  • I Can Feel a Soft Wind Sweeping

James Still - readings, Randy Wilson - hammer dulcimer, lap dulcimer, and fretless banjo.

Poetry, music, and interview with James Still on his life and work

Produced and edited by Rich Kirby. Recorded and mixed by Doug Dorschug. Cover Design by Hans Luxemberger. Project Director for June Appal Recordings: Herb E. Smith.

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